Armasight is a proud special partner of the Maximum Warrior competition

February 18, 2013

Ten of America’s most elite special operators compete in ten grueling, action-packed challenges for the title of Maximum Warrior. Armasight contributed all the Night Vision equipment used during the production of the competition.

Maximum Warrior is a competiton testing combat skills of ten combat-decorated veterans from every branch of the US military, using cutting-edge equipment, filmed at a world-class training facility for our nation’s top-tier military professionals.
Do Not Miss Week -7 "Night Sniper”.

The Week-7 challenge, "Night Sniper”, leaves us with the final five Warriors testing their Sniper Skills in a realistic night-time environment, surrounded by unknown enemy targets that the Sniper must find while battling the clock and explosive distractions. Winner of the Night Sniper Event was award an Armasight CO-LR, similar to the model used during the challenge. "It’s the best Sight I’ve worked with,” — Karl Erickson (competition designer and show host) was quoted saying. — "I deliberately designed the layout to have a couple targets located with bright lights in the background, to obscure their locations. A quick adjustment of the Manual Gain Control, on the CO-LR, and the targets were again easily identifiable… Features like that and the insane resolution are what made the Armasight CO-LR the best sight for the competition.”

Armasight kicked in gear to make this year’s Maximum Warrior the most authentic competition to date. Meet the Warriors, by reading their interviews on the website. Check out the Instructors, facilities, and equipment used behind the scenes to construct realistic challenges that truly test America’s finest. Pick your favorite Warrior and cheer him on as they add a new Challenge every week. Who will be the final Warrior standing and win the coveted title of Maximum Warrior? You’ll have to wait till Week-10 to find out.

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