ARMASIGHT AIM-L Advanced Integrated Mount

Part Number: ANKI000012




The Armasight AIM (Advanced Integrated Mount) presents a revolutionary new concept of night vision targeting. This night vision accessory allows the operator to convert his night vision monocular into a weapon sight. The AIM is incorporated into a low-profile housing that has an integral MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail grabber mount on the underside and a dovetail
mount on the top. By mounting AIM onto your rifle and fitting it with either a night vision monocular or AIM optional day optic, the AIM can be bore-sighted to your rifle: the operator can switch between day and night modes as required without having to readjust. Unlike conventional systems that require the night vision unit to be mounted behind a day optic, the AIM projects the reticle directly into the Night Vision monocular lens. In practice, what this means is that there is no longer a reduced field of view through the night vision device, or any shadowed area that is difficult to see through (caused by conventional red-dot
sights optics or outer edges). A small “HUD”-type prism on the front of the AIM unit projects a 65MOA “Circle” and single 3.2MOA center aiming “Dot” directly into the night vision lens. The Armasight AIM-L allows the user to mount a 3X Night Vision Monocular directly onto their weapon for an extended shooting range.


  • Converts standard Night Vision monoculars into passive Night Vision
  • weapon sight
  • Rapid and easy target acquisition
  • AIM eliminates the need for infrared laser or co-witnessed red dot sight
  • No obstructing optics or parts in your field of view
  • The only solution providing 100% full field of view
  • Adjustable reticle brightness
  • Optional Red Dot and 3.5X Day-Time Aiming Solutions
  • Fits any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny or Weaver rails with adjustable, locking,
  • quick-detach mount


Battery Life up to 2000 hrs
Operating Temperature - 40 to +50
Storage Temperature - 50 to +50
Dimensions 221 x 76 x 42 / 8.7 x 3.0 x 1.6
Weight 203 / 7.1
Warranty 2 Years
Adjustment Precision Range (degrees of arc) +1,5
Reticle size for: "Dot"/"Circle" pattern (MOA) 3,2+0,3; 65+2
Levels of Reticle Brightness 11
Reticle Illumination Adjustments manual
Weapon Mount Type Picatinny rail
Immersion till 1 m for 30 minutes
Battery Type CR123A (3,0 V) Lithium
MIL-STD-810G Compliant Yes
  Direct View  Weapon Sights